We'll show you what to look for and how to install a nightly build on Windows.

Why should I install the nightly build?

The Nightly Build Joomla! Version is the current Joomla! Version for developers. This version is automatically created overnight and contains all the latest changes and improvements. So you can work on the newest Version.

What do I need to install the Nightly Build on my local PC (Windows)?

Step-by-step guide:

1. Download the Nightly Build

You can get the zip file on the Joomla website ( https://developer.joomla.org/nightly-builds.html ).

2. Unpack zip file

The downloaded zip file is usually located in the Downloads folder.
On the desktop, you create a new folder. Please rename the folder name z. Eg in "joomla4-pbf" (if you choose a different name - remember it, you will have to call it later in the browser). Now unzip the zip file. Tip: The zip file can be deleted after unpacking, so that the folder remains clear.

Desktop folder with the unzipped zip file


3. Move the folder into Docroot

Now please switch to the so-called "docroot" of the local webserver, this is at:

  • Windows: C:\xampp\htdocs\
  • OS X: Programme/MAMP/htdocs    
  • Linux: /var/www

Tip: You can delete files (eg dashboard, img, webalizer, xampp, applications.html, bitnami.css, favicon.ico and index.php), so that the folder remains clear.
Move Folder to Docroot Once the folder is empty, you can move the folder "joomla4-pbf" from the desktop here move.

Move Desktop Folder joomla4-pbf

The folder "joomla4-pbf" contains the Joomla files.
Joomla! files

4. Install Joomla

Now you can start the Joomla! installation by calling http:// localhost/joomla4-pbf. If you did not name the folder "joomla4-pbf", you will need to adjust the link accordingly.

Choose a In the new window you can only select "English" so far. Enter a page name and click on continue.

Start Joomla! installation

In the next window, tap enter username, password and e-mail address and click continue.

Enter page name In the next window type in "root" and then continue. For information: "root" is a standard value, which you type in a local installation. The underlying field just stays free.

It takes a moment and the next Window opens. Please wait and in the meantime do not open another window. In the new window you can choose the language, if you click on "Customize Installation".

"Complete & Open Admin "takes you to the Joomla backend.


It continues:

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