Github is an online service that allows several people to work together on software. Git is the "software" and GitHub the hoster. By versioning the source code any change to the software can be tracked.

You need the GitHub account in the PBF  in issue tracker to comment on and gieve feedback or your test result.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Register on the : Username page , Email address, enter a password and click the green "Sign up for GitHub" button.

Schaltfläche „Sign up for GitHub“ klicken

2. In the next window is already registered that you want to use GitHub for free. Therefore, you can immediately click on the green button "Continue".

You can use GitHub for free

3. In the next window, you click on what applies to you or you simply accept the following settings:

Correct Github Settings

4. That's it. You are logged in and can log out in the upper right corner.
log out