You are a little reluctant to write any comments in English?

Then you can find some examples here. You can of course change it to your own taste (some you even have to change!). But do not hesitate for English. People write from India, Pakistan, Mexico, Japan ... and everyone writes as well as he can. If something is not to understand, there is just a consultation. Of course, you can quickly ask on glip "can this be written like this ..."?

A few standard phrases:

I cannot test this item because the testing instructions are not informative.

I have tested this item successfully.

I have tested this item successfully but only with 100 articles.

I have tested this successfully, following the testing instructions but do not understand the code.

Everything is possible. The comments are like a conversation with developers.

Please give more information. I do not know where to enter the line 565 ..

I have tested this item but it was NOT successful. When I enter "777", then the pc burns down the hut. (Joke..) (use your own observation here)

I have tested this item unsuccessfully. The patch works as described at the first glance but when you then press the "save" button, a mouse comes out. (Joke..)