At PBF everyone is needed and gets an important task, which corresponds to their abilities. No programming knowledge is necessary. 

All those who want to test a patch can do this without the need to set up a local installation. You can use an online PBF environment. We work with Joomla! Version 4. Information about the new backend was published in November in Joomla-Magazin.

If you don't want to test a patch, please get in touch with a Glip-Chatroom. Together we will find an alternative task, see also the bottom of page.

Preparations and Installations

1. Means of communication - Enabling teamwork

In Glip-Chatroom you can ask questions and exchange ideas: Instruction: Glip.
GitHub you need to know if you want to test patches: Instruction: GitHub.

2. Setup Joomla installation

There are two ways to get a Joomla installation at PBF.

Option 1: Shortly before the PBF event we will make Oline Installations available for participants with little system knowledge: How to use online PBF environment.
Option 2: Set up a local installation on your device: How to build a local Joomla environment.

3. Confirm and test PR

If you have configured the local or online installation, you can start. First choose a PR you want to work at. Confirm the bug if it hast staus "New"/"New" or test the patch if the status is "Pending"/"Waiting".

You might find a new bug when testing the patch. With a little luck, "your" bug be fixed at PBF?! How to report a Bug

 4. Alternative tasks

You don't want to test PRs? Then write documentation or get involved as a translator. How to become a translator.

If you are advanced, you can submit Pull Requests. EVERYONE is welcome and needed.

We will find a task for you together. Just join us. Join us on glip